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Great fast service and amazing value for money

Ian, 02 Aug 2020

Love the food Love the service We always order from Taza

Alexis, 02 Aug 2020

Love your food Love your service We'll always order from you

Alexis, 02 Aug 2020

Excellent food as ever. Prompt delivery and good service

Sangeetha, 01 Aug 2020

Excellent takeaway meals. Chicken tikka masala was best I’ve had. Partner really enjoyed his Kebab too. Thank you, we will order from you again.

Laura, 01 Aug 2020

Class! i'll be back, this was my first time trying Taza!

Liam, 31 Jul 2020

your value for money, and quality. for your meal for 2 is the best in Dundee!

Gordon, 31 Jul 2020

Fantastic food and service

Vicky Cameron, 30 Jul 2020

Always fantastic, has been for years and years.

Oliver Baker, 29 Jul 2020

My friends like the wide selection and one is vegan so very handy. Away to order my own vegan meal.

Amy, 25 Jul 2020


Kusum, 23 Jul 2020

Always very prompt, friendly service and delicious meals.

John, 21 Jul 2020

Always get Taza delivery and never complain. Brilliant value for Money and such a quick service

Lisa, 21 Jul 2020



Alison, 20 Jul 2020

great as usual

Kyle, 20 Jul 2020

Great as always.

Yvonne, 18 Jul 2020

Slightly disappointed. The spicy mince has been leaking out of the container into the bag

Mo, 18 Jul 2020

  Reply : Sorry about that. We will keep an eye on this.

All food was excellent.Full of flavour. Arrived very quickly which was great,thank you

Stephen, 17 Jul 2020

Excellent and tasty food

Magz, 17 Jul 2020

Always fresh and tasty. Good value for money, we wouldn't go anywhere else.

Gill, 16 Jul 2020

The food is incredible. Also having clearly marked vegan options is fantastic, I missed korma so much-thank you for making a vegan version too!!

Johanna, 16 Jul 2020

Great food - good price and very quick delivery - thank you

Derrick, 16 Jul 2020

Passanda spicier than I thought

Lesley, 14 Jul 2020

Brilliant service as alway

Wendy , 13 Jul 2020

Great food and really prompt delivery. So nice to find a place with vegan options!

Anna, 12 Jul 2020

Clearly marked Vegan options keep me coming back. Hope to see this replicated in the buffet when it reopens

Amy, 12 Jul 2020